Sunday, February 2, 2014

The #1 Best Dating Site Online Right Now

I am writing this blog post to let others know my experiences with online dating sites and how I was finally able to find the best dating site for me. A lot of sites claim to be "the best online dating sites!" but are they, really? is the best dating site I have found, and it stands our for many reasons. First and foremost it's where I met my beautiful fiancee. With my personal bias aside, is the best dating site because it has a fresh approach to dating and matching. Here's how SinglesHookUp differs from the usual "best dating sites" to be truly outstanding and in a league of it's own when it comes to online dating sites :)

A lot of other online dating sites seem to rely on numbers but do nothing to help you find a good match.. that, or they focus solely on intense relationships and give their members unrealistic expectations about long-term relationships and marriage being the goal, and forgetting dating is a process and just as fun as a "happy ever after". The best online dating sites will take a more relaxed approach and remind members not to "go for the kill" first, but instead encourage getting to know each other over time.

When I joined SinglesHookUp I was pretty jaded as I had already tried many of the well known "best" dating sites and been utterly disappointed. Girls always seemed to want to jump straight into a heavy relationship, where I wanted to date.. not always exclusively at first.. and then settle down if and when I found the right girl. So, I joined and right away I found over 30 matches in my area, and looking through the profiles I could see that there was a bigger range of girls looking to get to know a guy and see what happened rather than rushing things along. SinglesHookUp encourages members to connect at a relaxed pace and one can look for casual hookups and everything in-between that and a firm commitment.

Another reason SinglesHookUp is truly the best dating site is the profiles are encouraged to be so much more detailed, and there are people from many diverse backgrounds and sexualities on there, it is like a huge melting pot! (Just like my home town) This means one can also make great friends, for hang-out "dates". In this way they are the best dating site as it is like having a vast social circle.. not a "singles club". So.. there is a lot less of a desperate vibe at SinglesHookUp..
The best online dating sites should focus on friendship as a good starting point , as friends often have single friends who are your type. And, we all need friends!

So, I started dating girls I met at It seems to attract girls who are more laid back about dating and don't get jealous that things were casual. This made for better dates where I could get to know them and not be planning a future with a stranger. So, again.. a dating site where date means date? *Score!* For many months I had a lot of fun meeting different girls, and also made a new social circle of friends. Then.. strike! I met Marissa.. several dates in I knew she was the girl for me and we began dating exclusively. Because of the way SinglesHookUp matches people, I don't think I'd have met Marissa if it was another site.. their algorithms are too generic. We connected over many niche interests we share. The best online dating sites are ones that understand niche interests and encourage these.. they are after all, what make us unique beings!

So, if you are tired of spending ages on the "best" online dating sites with no joy, give them a try. It's hugely different from what you're used to.. a vibrant, diverse and "happening" community of relaxed people. You can choose to search for matches by level of commitment, and many other things a lot of sites pay little attention to. Oh yes! A huge reason SinglesHookUp is the best dating site? NO SPAM! That's such a huge relief, honestly.. other sites I joined got me a deluge of spammy emails and offers for my trouble and to this day I worry about where my details were passed to. SinglesHookUp doesn't do that.. privacy is paramount. It made me relax a lot more, and be very honest on my profile, knowing that it was between me and other members. I didn't feel I had to apologise for wanting to keep it casual at first.  This is truly the best online dating site bar none. Try it, you will not regret joining such a fun site :)